JRM Equipment LLC


JRM Equipment LLC is headquartered in San Francisco, California. We are a small business serving the San Francisco Bay Area, California and locations throughout the United States. We are in the business of providing quality, cost-effective, construction equipment, products and related services.

We pride ourselves on building customer relationships based on trust and delivering on the bottom line — every day, every job, every time.

We have multiple certifications in the industry that can be an asset in meeting your company’s diversity objectives:

  • HubZone
  • Woman Owned Small Business
  • State of California Small Business
  • HRC (Human Rights Commission)
  • San Francisco LBE (Local Business Enterprise)
  • San Francisco MBE (Micro Business Enterprise)
  • CPUC (California Public Utilities Commission

JRM Equipment is seeking qualified personnel with heavy equipment rental experience in the following areas.

  • Administrative
  • Transport/Delivery
  • Mechanics
  • Sales


Please contact Rodney Metcalf at 415-525-2601 to discuss current opportunities.