JRM Equipment LLC

About JRM

JRM Equipment LLC is headquartered in San Francisco, California. We are a small business serving the San Francisco Bay Area, California and locations throughout the United States. We are in the business of providing quality, cost-effective, construction equipment, products and related services.

We pride ourselves on building customer relationships based on trust and delivering on the bottom line — every day, every job, every time.

We have multiple certifications in the industry that can be an asset in meeting your company’s diversity objectives:

  • HubZone
  • Woman Owned Small Business
  • State of California Small Business
  • HRC (Human Rights Commission)
  • San Francisco LBE (Local Business Enterprise)
  • San Francisco MBE (Micro Business Enterprise)
  • CPUC (California Public Utilities Commission

Water Based Equipment

Water Trucks, 2K Gallon

Water Trucks, 4K Gallon

Water Trailers, 500 Gallon

Towable Pressure Washers

Water Tanks, 12K Gallon

Dust Cannons

Wheel Wash Stations